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  • CL-2 Green Formula 37 Bulk Sale
    • Buy 1-4 packs and save 15%
    • Buy 5-9 packs and save 20%
    • Buy 10-14 packs and save 25%
    • Buy 15 or more packs and save 30%
  • 25% Off CL-2 2DB and 2CP Double Dial Bases
  • 20% Off ITZ Linebacker Builder (MUST be purchased in the two team builder)
  • 15% Off HITZ Round front Bases

The RIGHT Bases for You!

Bases make the game go! Those little green things that snap on to the bottom of the players determine how successful your play will be. The original bases sold with the game were pretty good but we have GREATLY improved on them using the latest technology.

Because we have so many products to meet the needs of any EF coach we have created three categories based on your experience level and ability to tweak (physically manipulate the prongs using your fingers, tools, and heat). Beginners and solitaire coaches should choose from category one, and if coaches want to eventually play competitive EF they can work their way up to category three. Regardless of what you want from the game, ITZ has the right bases for you!

For new Coaches

Our Starter Bases were designed specifically for new coaches as their out of the box performance is fantastic!


Some Tweaking Experience

Our HITZ and CL-1 Bases are the easiest bases to tweak and will boost the speed and power of your team. Our Unlimited 360 Bases will open up a whole new world of electric football.

Competitive Coaches

Our Hitz, CL-2, and Blitz Bases give you the foundation for a championship team

What you need to know about electric football…

What is Electric Football?

Electric football is the original vibrating football game created in 1949 and which became the most popular sports game in the 1960-70’s! The game lives on and the playing experience has been modernized by ITZ to meet all customers demands.

What is Tweaking?

Tweaking is the process of improving the base performance by applying heat with pliers to make the base stronger and/or faster. This is a skill and an art which takes a lot of patience and practice. If you are unsure about your tweaking skills, we recommend our Starter Bases.

Are there leagues?

There are leagues across the United States, Canada, and France. The best way to fine a league in your area is through the Facebook groups!

Why buy ITZ?

With over 20 years experience designing injection molded plastic bases and custom figures, ITZ has become the industry standard for modern electric football products.

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